Beth Black Jewelry
Intrepid curiosity and a reverence for individual expression are the driving forces behind Beth Black Jewelry.
Being mindful of independent and versatile style, the signature 2-Way, 3-Way, and 4-Way chains are foundation pieces created to be worn in a variety of ways.
The collections are intrinsically bold and strike a balance between chic sophistication and an edgy aesthetic informed by Beth's career as a singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas. Trading one rock passion for another, she now runs Beth Black Jewelry full time from her studio in Brooklyn, New York. 
Each piece of jewelry is hand made by individual bench jewelers in New York, California, Texas, and Bali. The stones are sourced from around the world, most of which are found during her travels. 
As nature dictates, each stone piece is one of a kind - as distinctive and beautifully captivating as the person wearing them.